• Roberto Gregori Junior, Dipl.Ing.Eng.

    Managing Director / Interim & Turnaround manager / International Sales Manager

    São Paulo State / Brazil

  • Senior Executive with experience in various sectors of the economy and with intercultural teams. High level of resilience and adaptability in restructuring scenarios in family capital, private companies and non-governmental organizations in several Brazilian States and abroad. Professional focused on delivering results in all departments of the company. Solid knowledge in the finance, sales, HR and marketing. Available for travel and performance in other cities. University training and internships in high-level institutions in Brazil and Europe.



    Main Achievements

    • Turnaround management of a German Group in Brazil, recovering two years losses to 2% profit in within one fiscal year;

    • Increase Revenues of a Consulting Business Unit from R$ 3M to R$ 5M within one year.

    • Reduced the monthly expenses by 47% and set up the plan for a positively turnaround of an IT-company.

    • Improved five times the monthly sales income of a packaging machine producer after foundation of the local subsidiary;

    • Amplified 10 times the orders income of a packaging machine company in Brazil after 18 months;

    • Increased five times the purchased volume from headquarter within 7 years of a test instruments producer;

    • Reduction of losses of exported fruits from 25% down to 4%, bringing further USD 5M yearly to the company;

    • Increased the average CIF-Price by 53% of exported fruits.

    GCG - Gregori Consulting Group

    Interim Manager

    Feb 2011 – Present


    Campinas (SP) Extensive experience as interim manager of national and multinational companies in Brazil and Latin America, reversing financial results of companies to positive, improving financial and management processes, deploying subsidiaries, representing foreign partners, gathering and managing teams, human capital development, successfully deploying ERP-systems and marketing strategies and increasing the market share of customers. Main sectors served: IT, biotechnology, packaging, automotive, maintenance services, insurance, environment and agribusiness (seed producers, grain, cotton, meat, agricultural chemicals, agricultural research)

    Main results:

    • Member of the team who redefined the new policy of distributing agricultural chemicals worth a few billion dollars;
    • I got up and negotiated more than R$280M in debts with creditors for soy producer client, avoiding the summary bankruptcy of the company;
    • I restructured a multinational group of insurance services in Brazil with more than 500 employees, reversing negative results of 6% to 2% positive in 18 months’ time, after reviewing 300 internal processes, increase team efficiency in 50%, deploy ERP Totvs and expand sales contracts;
    • Increased revenue in consulting services for automotive and Telecom in 65% in 12 months, after training and expand the team, win new accounts and transfer services from Europe;
    • Led the restructuring of cattle containment project with gains of R$ 2.5M yearly and closed loss-making business deficit with savings of R$ 4.5M annually for the client of agribusiness in the State of Mato Grosso;
    • Restructured an IT-company with 47% savings after transfer of headquarter, profitability analysis of projects, implementation of a daily cash management among others.
    • I founded two Brazilian subsidiaries of a Swiss technology and an Spanish industrial maintenance company.

    Multivac do Brasil

    Commercial Director (Start-Up) 

    Mar 2009 – May 2010


    (Medium company - multinational (Brazil/GER) - in the machines and equipment packaging sector) – Campinas (SP) and Curitiba (PR). Multivac is the leading manufacturer packaging and labelling machines for the food and medical industry.

    Main results: Co-founder of the Brazilian subsidiary, with local CKD production in Curitiba, developing and implementing the strategy of sales, marketing, after sales and marketing in Brazil, with sales growth of 5 times in just 12 months.


    Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP

    Managing Director Brazil (Development) 

    Apr 2007 – Mar 2009


    (Medium company - multinational (Brazil/GER) - in the machines and equipment packaging sector)

    Vinhedo (SP). Uhlmann and Visiotec are German companies, market leader in packaging and inspection solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Main results: Deployment of the company´s independent activities in Brazil, developing a marketing plan through the acquisition and expansion of activities in South America, still in effect, with increased sales over 10 times of new lines and retrofit of older machines over this period. Expansion of technical assistance beyond national borders.

    Testo do Brasil

    Managing Director (Start-Up) - Brazil 

    Feb 1998 – Mar 2007


    (Medium company - multinational (Brazil/GER) - in the electronic supplies for quality control sector) – Campinas (SP). Testo is a market leader for portable measurement instruments.

    Main results: Successful foundation of the Brazilian subsidiary, building a network of 25 dealers, sales growth of R$ 200k to R$ 6M in 7 years, installation and certification of a reference calibration laboratory, brand recognition as one of the 3 most important in the Brazilian market, participation in the global development of new instruments, introduction of import processes with short deadlines from Germany and the achievement of a level of excellence in technical assistance, local tele sales center became a global reference of the group.

    Frunorte - Frutas do Nordeste

    Sales, marketing & export Manager (Development) 

    Jun 1996 – Apr 1997


    (Medium company – Brazil -Agriculture sector). Frunorte was the second biggest producer and exporter of tropical fruits in Brazil with 1,200 employees.

    Main results: I led the quality management and sales in 3 offices in RN, Brazil and England, increasing 53% to the CIF price of tropical fruit exported and a crop loss reduction from 25% down to 4% in Rio Grande do Norte and renewed the packaging shed in Assú, ensuring the increase of the sales contract to the English supermarket chain Tesco in 5 times.


    DED - Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst (now GIZ)

    Project Coordinator Brazil (Project Management) 

    Dec 1994 – May 1996


    (Governmental company - multinational (Germany, Brazil) - in the agriculture and livestock breeding sector). DED, now German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) - is the official agency for international development of the German Government and is in Berlin.

    Main results: During this period, I got the approval of 9 funding projects for the community guaranteeing income for families of small peasants of the municipality, which were highlighted in Globo Rural TV program and in a couple of agricultural engineering congresses in Brazil.

    Brasilit Rural


    Apr 1986 – Apr 1988


    Brasilit belongs to Saint Gobain Group in France. I was in charge to develop the technical drawing departments and configure center pivots systems.


    Pray, act & believe !



    Life teached me that defeats and victories are part of this extraordinary experience called... Life

    General / Change/ Interim / Turnaround Management

    Business Development

    Marketing Strategy

    International Business / Start-ups

    Project Management

    Strategic Planning

    Hobbies: Equestrian photography / Travel / Running



    Westminster College

    Certificate English Proficiency 



    English course

    The University of Bonn

    Dipl.Ing. (M.Sc.) Agriculture, Marketing, Sales 

    1990 - 1994


    Pratical training during this time:
    1) Amt für Agrarordnung (Governmental Secretary for Land Management) - Environmental Monitoring. Siegburg - Germany (Jul - Aug 1990)
    2) Biodynamischer Hof Hindten. Ecological agriculture. Eggiwil - Switzerland (May - Sep 1988)

    Activities: Master of Engineering, Agricultural College
    Degree with the master thesis ‘Marketing and Sales of Organic Products in Brazil’ - Highest mark from Prof. Dr. U. Koepke and Prof. Wolframm.

    Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

    PNdS Germanistik 

    1988 - 1990


    Germanistik Student, preparation for the PNdS Exam

    Activities: PNdS-Degree, Institute for the German Language
    PNdS Degree (Pruefung zum Nachweis der deutschen Sprache) for post-graduate studies in Germany.

    Universidade Estadual de Campinas

    Agricultural Engineer Agricultural Engineering 

    1982 - 1987


    Link: www.feagri.unicamp.br

    Pratical training during this time:
    1) CATI - Fazenda de Producao de Mudas - Horticulture. Sao Bento do Sapucai - Brazil (Mar 1987)
    2) Companhia Brasilit Rural (CBMIR) – Technical Department -Planning and development of irrigation systems. Sao Paulo - Brazil (Nov 1986 - Apr 1988)
    3) Companhia Brasilit SA – R&D Department - Development of irrigation components. Santo Andre - Brazil (Jun -Oct 1986)

    Activities: Bachelor of Engineering, Agricultural Engineering Institute
    Specialized in irrigation projects.

    Colégio de São Bento

    2.Grade Eletronics 

    1979 - 1981


    Electronic Technical High School

    Colégio Regina Mundi

    Ginásio Elementary School - 1st Grade 

    1971 - 1978


    Fundamental School

  • Publications






    Andre Perez

    Executive Director na Tertium Participações

    I have a pleasure to recommend Roberto Gregori. I met him for the first time in Germany at the University. Since the beginning he demonstraded a remarkable capacity to keep focus on organization and strong results. During his period in Germany he got a very important scholarship : Friederich Ebert Stiftung. In fact he was the only brazilian, during my stay at the same scholl, who took part in this programm. Back to Brazil I saw the way He started from beginning a office for a german organization, which is very successful in Brazil, for sure also thanks to him. Summarizing, Roberto has a strong personality, high capacity to create things and add consistent value for his enviroment. More over, communication skills, speaking fluently 4 foreign languages and team oriented is also part of his strong portifolio.

    Rodrigo Queija Corerato, MBA, ITIL, COBIT, PSM

    Diretor de Tecnologia e Projetos na MSys Consultoria

    Roberto Gregori é um profissional de extrema experiência. Sua bagagem é diferencial no mercado de negócios. Seus conhecimentos foram essenciais em uma fase de reorganização financeira da empresa onde trabalhamos juntos. Recomendo!

    Marco Botelho

    Owner, Prime Action Consulting and Management Consulting Consultant

    Gregori is the kind of professional with high business culture, experience and strategic vision that adds value in every interaction we have. During the time we were involved in a common project, I had the great pleasure to receive valuable inputs for the development of my business.

    Laercio Vituli

    Owner, Nutramax

    Conheço Roberto Gregori desde o tempo dos bancos da Universidade (UNICAMP). Sempre possuiu capacidade diferenciada de Liderança /formação de Equipes. Em sua carreira profissional no Brasil ocupou cargos de Alta Gerencia/Diretoria, realizando um trabalho bastante consistente tanto em casos de abertura de mercado como manutenção/crescimento de negócios já existentes.

    Guilherme Krüger Junior


    I know Roberto Gregori a long time and he always willing to offer his support in all companies that he represented. He is a motivated and competent professional.

    Marcio Amazonas

    Account Manager at Plastic Technologies Inc.

    Roberto was a leader of his class and took the student's association I was leading to the next level, with a lot more fun activities and engagement of our peers. His unquestionable ethics and persuasive leadership style persists in his professional life.

    Mariangela Abreu

    C Level Education, Chair at Vistage Brazil, Corporate Mediation, Governance, CEO Peer Group Facilitator

    Roberto Gregori is a high level person, as a business professional is dynamic and results oriented. He has the ability to apply very well his skills and background acquired on different industries.

    Scott Griggs

    Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) sector - acquisitions & post merger

    Gregori was my Director of Consulting Services while I was CEO at Dekra Brazil. We worked together on a daily basis. During that time, he was dedicated and goal-oriented to developing new business. He displayed pride and attention to detail in his work and with the rest of his team. I will never forget the time we obtain board approval on a major new investment during a corporate managers meeting. I am happy to recommend Gregori and I would be happy to work with him again.

    Alexandre P. Lins

    Looking for new opportunities.

    I've had the opportunity to meet Roberto and his management skills, right after I've joined the Rotary International club in September last year. At that time he was just starting his club presidency for one Rotarian year.

    It was a pleasure working with him during that time. In many ways his ability to lead the works on the meetings and on several tasks we had within Rotary, gave me great lessons on many aspects.
    Roberto was brilliant when leading the meetings. Very organized and sharp on the schedules.
    He would in fact listen everyone's opinions, and easily guide the group to achieve the targets together, clearly promoting the team work. The atmosphere inside the group was outstanding.
    Roberto could communicate openly and sincerely with everybody in the club.

    It was sure our club was lucky enough to have such a skillful and hard-worker manager, being our president. Lucky also the company who can have Roberto leading the team, it doesn't matter it's only the sales department, or the whole company as a unit. He has proven he is ready for any challenge these jobs naturally bring.

    Luis Bartel

    Key Account Manager - Thermoformers, Tray Sealers and Vaccum Chamber Machines at Multivac do Brasil

    Roberto Gregori is a highly qualified professional and it was a pleasure for me, working with him at Multivac do Brasil. He is a very competent worker and customer focused. His main characteristics are to improve customer sales and business results.  He is an excellent teamworker in a constant growth environment. A successful person.

    Jose Segovia

    Diretor at Ulma Packaging Ltda.

    Conheço o Gregori desde que ele trabalhava na Ulhmann, e eu na Fabrima, e por último, e até com mais contato, como concorrente direto, ele na Multivac e eu aqui na ULMA.
    Mesmo sempre como concorrente, sempre tivemos uma relação de cordialidade e alto respeito, onde a correção do trato pessoal e comercial, sempre foi elogiável.
    É uma pessoa de formação e educação, louváveis. Um executivo altamente recomendável.

    Gabriela Burian

    Sustainable Agriculture Environment - Global Lead and WBCSD Liaison Delegate

    Roberto is a natural leader, always strategic and focusing on results. He ensure success to all of his projects. It's a fantastic person to work with!

    Paolo Paganelli

    Area Manager and Multinational Key Account Manager at IMA S.p.A. Safe Division

    Roberto is very good in creating new business relationships. His positive attitude has been always appreciated by his customers. Surely one of the best professionals I met in Brazil.

    Luciana Carvalho Muniz

    Sales - Commercial Area at Looking for a job opportunity in a great company!

    Roberto is a highly motivated and intelligent leader. He can absorb daily issues and transform them in opportunities for the team he leads. Not only a great professional but a caring and friendly person.

    Carina Cury

    Urban Planning

    Roberto Gregori is an excelent fellow in Rotary. He always has a new project and interesting project to present. We work together in many social projects. One, which I am proud to participate, is the project of the Jequitinhonha Valley. Project that provides better living conditions for the local community.




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